Letterheads and Complimentary Slips

Letterheads and Complimentary Slips

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Letterheads and Complimentary Slips

Letterhead Designing

Letterhead is one of the most essential stationary any business requires for letters, invoices and other things. Letterheads are used in two forms:

Word Letterhead template:

The most effective way to produce letterhead is to have the letterhead template in your word document. To generate a word template letterhead is not very simple as it needs to contain your logo image and other firm details and a static format. You need a specialist to generate word letterhead template for you.

Printed Letterhead Template:

Word template letterhead does not fit in every situation so you also need to have printed letterhead as stationary. Printed letterheads are required as they look professional than word template letterheads and they serve more official and legal requirement. A printed letterhead has less chance of being copied and misused. Printed letterhead has a big advantage over word template letterheads as they do not require a colour printer if your template is in colour because they colour part is already printed. Even if you print a word letterhead template on a colour printer it will not be in standard to your brand colours.

Complimentary Slips:

Complimentary Slips are used in form of more informal communication as mails going out of your company. These can quickly drafted informally and still have your branding on it.

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