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We at Website Designing Services also deal with Professional Photography. Photography can be categorised under various types and have different requirements for type to type. Here are the few types:

  1. Event Photography: Photography done on events like Christmas parties, Birthday parties, Office Party, Launch party etc. falls under this category.
  2. Wedding Photography: Photography done on weddings or ceremonies related with weddings falls in this category e.g. English wedding, Asian Wedding etc
  3. Commercial product photography: Photography which are done on products of commercial use to make them more appealing visually and make them look more professional falls in this category. In this photography we make sure you get the best of your product in relation to the angle of the product, texture of the products, related props and main features of the products are in highlights. The texture of the products is the challenge to face as different texture reflects light differently e.g plastic texture, steel texture etc
  4. Model Photography: Photography done on models falls in this category. This photography is more related to the fashion industry. If you want to become a model and want to get your portraits done to build your profile, we can help you with it.
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