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Responsive and Mobile Websites

Responsive Websites

In today’s world a large percentage of users access internet by small media devices like smart phones and tablets. The display size of these devices is considerably very small as compared to desktop computers and laptops. It becomes very hard to use navigation controls on these small devices. In order to resolve this problem the website should have a different version for these devices. We can achieve this by creating a mobile website or responsive website.

Mobile Website

Mobile Website is a small version of the desktop website designed using mobile controls and the design is altered to fit best on small screens. The content on the mobile website is also reduced as compared to desktop website so it fit best on small screen size.

Responsive Website

Responsive Websites can be expressed as the same website which adapts itself differently on different devices based on the size of the device itself. Responsive website is the best approach to achieve size compatibility issue of small size media devices. It has many advantages over Mobile Websites:

  1. As there is only one website in responsive approach therefore site maintenance involving adding contents, updating contents, removing contents etc becomes easy task.
  2. The issue of duplicate contents for the search engine is resolved as there is only one instance of the contents online.

The only drawback of having responsive approach is that the designing is not flexible as compared to Mobile Websites.

Get responsive/mobile version of your existing website

If you already have a website but your website is not responsive to small media devices or you do not have mobile version of your website call us today and we at website designing services can give you a free quote for your responsive or mobile version of your website.

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