Sign Boards and Banners

Sign Boards and Banners

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Sign Boards and Banners

Sign Board Designing:

Sign boards are very important for having the visibility of your business or shop locally. Most of your business needs are met around your local region. It becomes very important to have a good sign board on your business premises so that local residents know about your business presence and can contact you when required.

A sign board should have your logo or keywords related with your business big and clear, your phone number, website and other contact details. If the space allow you may have other details about your services on the sign board. Sign board sometime become very helpful if they are scanned by the google street view so that any one can find your number using google street views.

Sign boards are for different purposes like:

Banner Designing:

Banner is the best media to display your brand and services in exhibitions, conferences and other events where large number of visitors is expected. Banners can overcome the size issue and give prominence to your brand as they can be printed in large sizes.

Banners can be reused from event to event. You can design self standing banners which can be displayed anywhere and does not rely on any external support. These types of banners are very handy.

Birthday party banners

Banners are commonly used of Birthday parties. These types of banners are generally small size and will give more formal theme to the party venues. The most popular size of birthday banners is 2feet height and 4 feet length. These should have more vibrant colours and cheerful theme. Birthday banners should have predefined elements like name of the person whose birthday is celebrated, the age of that person and other things preferred by the birthday person.

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