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Web Application Development

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Web Application Development

Web Applications

A web based application is software which runs on the web server and the interfaces are rendered by the web browsers. To use web applications you do not require any installation as any web browser can run them.

In today’s world the web based applications are ruling over windows based applications because of the following reason:

  1. A web application is hosted on a centralized web server and the same application can be accessed by all users centrally in comparison to windows based applications which require stand alone installation for every user. As web applications are running on central web server any changes required in the running application are very easy to implement, distribute and manage.
  2. A web application can be accessed by anyone throughout the globe and is not limited to certain numbers of users like windows based application.
  3. From developers perspective web based application are takes less time to debug as there is no need to run the entire application for debugging therefore development time of web based applications is significantly less. Debugging of the web application can be done while it is running on the web browser and coding changes just reflects directly on the same page on refreshing the page without any need of running the entire application.
  4. The graphical interfaces can be more interesting with the launch of css3 and HTML5 on web based applications as compared to Windows application. The graphical interfaces can be achieved more quickly and easily in web applications as debugging is fast in web based applications.
  5. A web based application can be easily integrated with other web based applications using WCF and Web services. A simple example is integration of Google maps within your web applications to find location and distance.

Web applications can be categorised into 2 broad categories:

Internet Web Application

These applications are hosted on World Wide Web through Wide Area Network (WAN) on the public IP address. These can be accessed anywhere in the world where internet connection is available. These applications are accessed by large number of users and high volume of data transfer take place. To deal with huge transaction high specification servers and data storage is required.

Intranet Web Applications

These web applications are hosted internally within the firm on one of the internal web server can be accessed through Local Area Network (LAN). These applications can be accessed by the users who are on LAN so they are limited to the members or staff of the company. The scope of these applications is based on how big the LAN is, is it is limited to the same building or is spread across different geographical regions.

These applications cater the day to day requirements which are limited within the firm e.g.

  1. Platform to share information within the firm like latest updates in firm or news.
  2. HR Application
  3. Maintaining accounts and ledger
  4. Payroll Application
  5. Document Managements system etc.

A fully functional Intranet Web application can make your office paperless and streamline all business processes. It increase the efficiency, reduce time, giver better control over work and data sharing can be done more efficiently between staff.

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