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Website Designing

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Website Designing

At Website Designing Services we specialise in designing all types of websites ranging from low cost to advanced levels.

Website Designing

Websites design requirements vary from businesses to business based on type, size and scale. Some of businesses completely have their all operation running on the websites while other use website as additional marketing tool to the existing business. Whatever is your requirement, we at website designing services can deal with them professionally and timely.

What are the criteria that a good websites should meet?

We can categorize a website under one of the followings:

Basic Website (Low cost Websites)

This category of websites are generally static websites which just tell visitor about yourself and about your business. These can be made up of 5 to 10 web pages just giving the most basic information about your business, your services and your contact details which any visitor wants to know about you before they approach you directly.

User Interactive Websites

These websites are more interactive with users rather than only containing static information. These websites are generally supported by databases to retrieve information based on the user query. These websites require server side programming and server side validations.

Advanced websites

These websites are more complicated and may include actual trade on website. A good example of these websites is online shopping portal. These websites are functionally capable of online shopping cart, a payment gateway for money transactions, automatic Invoicing generation, user registrations and more...

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Website Designing

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